gegad be global

We have always been called upon by our clients to assist them with their international growth, by developing advertising campaigns that are entirely customised in terms of both concept and graphics, designed to be sensitive to the specific cultural requirements of the markets in question.

Our experiences in China, which are derived from the direct management of an all-Italian showroom in downtown Shanghai, and the creation of a successful marketing and communications agency in the heart of China, have allowed us to establish close relationships with professionals from all around the world.

gegad be global

gegad be globalgegad be global

Every market has its own peculiarities, and it is necessary to understand and exploit them in order to reach your objectives. In fact, in addition to the market trends, a successful marketing strategy must also take into account the local customs, as well as the most appropriate channels and media.

“Think their way” is the best way to communicate in a manner that’s in synch with the market conditions, and this is even more true in the web and social media environment: while the social networks render trans-national communication possible, there are channels and sharing methods that are ideal in certain countries, and are entirely useless, if not counterproductive, in others.

gegad be global

gegad be global

Thanks to the network of partnerships that we have built and tested over time, we have developed the skills and professionalism necessary to pose ourselves as a serious and reliable partner for the internationalization of all marketing and communications activities.

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